Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I ride a bike…with my mom :)

Last post was about a wonderful Friday with my Hubb. This post is about a wonderful(ultra spontaneous) solo trip to my hometown. I had made plans with fellow ladybiker/blogger Kimmy-Bear, but her being the great animal lover she is, went to the aid of about 15 cats. I could not be mad of course…I have a kitty, and a great love for animals as a whole. Actually…here’s a pic of my mama!
                               She’s my fatty boom-ba-latty<3
Anyhoo, I was really looking forward to biking Central Park with Kim, so I decided to hit up my friend Danny since I haven’t seen him(and kept cancelling)since our last hang-out. He lives right over the Queensboro Bridge, I could have easily gotten off at 59th and Lex and crossed it..buuuuut….it was massively humid, and I looked massively cute and didn’t wanna mess that up Smile with tongue out DSCN4622
I mentioned before I have been upgrading my(ladybiker)wardrobe. Being a plus size chick, I make sure I dress how I feel, while keeping it all together..if you catch my drift haha So yeah I train it to QueensBoro Plaza, and bike it to the meet-up spot
DSCN4613DSCN4614DSCN4618DSCN4624DSCN4630DSCN4632DSCN4633DSCN4634DSCN4640DSCN4643DSCN4646DSCN4627DSCN4641<-I used to play softball here!
With the help of Sandra Dee, I make it there in a flash…I frikkin love the feeling of having a car...just minus the size 10 carbon footprint Smile with tongue out I used to chill here all the time
DSCN4648DSCN4651DSCN4653DSCN4654DSCN4655DSCN4656DSCN4660DSCN4662DSCN4663DSCN4664DSCN4665DSCN4666DSCN4667DSCN4668DSCN4669DSCN4675DSCN4678 I always love visiting the places I used to spend massive time at when in my younger days
That night ended up  me and few of my friends catching up. When I noticed it was getting late, and I didn’t wanna go home yet, I call my mother to try to surprise her…BUT SHE ENDS UP SURPRISING ME! She finally got her bike fixed! and that’s not all: HUBB BIKED TO WORK SATURDAY NIGHT TOO! How great is it when things just fall together? Sunday afternoon we all get together to pick up a few things for ma’s new ride Smile
DSCN4707DSCN4710DSCN4711DSCN4712DSCN4718DSCN4719DSCN4720DSCN4722 (2)DSCN4724DSCN4730DSCN4731DSCN4732
It was so crazy to be out together as a family by bike…I know that made daddy smile <3
I was hoping to find this in my size…no luck Crying face
After getting Ma a lock, we zip to Old Navy…I find an outfit for 10 bucks EVERYTIME! I am the clearance aisle queen Winking smile
After a great time me and Regg head home, and grab a pizza
More trips with mom and bike coming soon! She is in love with riding a bike again, and I’m in love with being able to include her in my Bike Lifestyle.


  1. Very nice post. I love all you shots of the different NYC neighborhoods; always feel like I'm paying a visit every time to read your stories.

  2. Awwww Kat, I love that you and Reg ride with your Mom! That's so wonderful. I am also a fan of Socrates Sculpture Park...I've enjoyed their outdoor yoga classes many a Saturday morning, and if you can get to their "Maker's Fair", they have many lovely and unique items!
    That helmet is too cute!

  3. thanks so much girls :) I thought the other day if I put TOO much pix up lol. And im glad Socrates has gotten so great! very good thing to see after years of not going :D Ma is loving her bike :)

  4. I love going on rides so much. I ride mostly with my dad, my friends havent quite caught on yet haha. These pics are pretty rad. I usually ride on my friendly neighborhood greenway