Thursday, September 15, 2011

1000+ page views…THANKS LURKERS!


I did not start this blog with the intention of gathering readers…funny as that sounds. This is an outlet of sorts. I enjoy taking pictures and riding my bike-both at the same time-and thought a blog would only be a smart move on my end. I am the creative type, so this isn’t my only way of putting my mojo to work. Maybe one day I’ll take a turn on that road and do a few posts on what I do with the rest of my time. But not yet…no. Not yet…this is all your getting for now Smile with tongue out

All the exposure of my still so new blog is due to some awesome(and fellow biking)lady bloggers, which I will now thank!


The super inspiring, super cool Sheryl aka Bitchcakes is pretty much an everyday celeb in the biking/blogging community over here in greater NYC. I had the pleasure back in August on the last day on Summer Streets to meet and ride with her, and KEPT UP! See if you are a regular reader, this chick fucking rides dude, and is a fitness guru so I felt a tad proud on that day *teehee* She was awesome enough to link me and my blog on her most recent blog post. Thanks Ms Sheryl!

Another Source of this sudden burst of daily page views is all thanks too Barb Chamberlain who had the ingenious idea of getting oh so many great bloggers on one list for our convenience! Sweet of her eh? Thanks for the inclusion B.!

Many other great girls such as Maureen, Karen, Kimmy bear and Julesky are also included because they also read, blog, and bike themselves. MANY THANKS CHICAS!

So as I reluctantly say "Thanks” to all the page views, followers, lurkers, voyeurs, skimmers and sneaks..I hope your enjoying the tales being told. Either way, its no skin off my nose, I’ll keep posting away!

peace and chicken grease



  1. You are sweet! Have a great weekend. Wear your skippies (sneaks!)

  2. You are very, very welcome! I hope I send many readers your way.

    Anyone who knows of other women's bike blogs can submit them through the form on the list page at or @ me on Twitter, @WomenBikeBlogs. I also send a feed to a Facebook page for people who aren't on Twitter but I just automate that--I don't chat on that page ( It's a labor of love and I can only keep up with a certain number of interaction spaces :).


  3. Awwww, thanks so much for the mention! I very much enjoy your blog, and was more than delighted to meet you and Reg in person!

  4. LOLOL All you gals rock my socks <3