Monday, September 5, 2011

Pre-Birthday Bike Date <3


Next week is Hubbs Birthday..ALREADY! Jeez it was just the other day! I thought of a few things to do, mainly revolving around bike riding, so I come up with exploring the West Side Greenway. Hubb and I are always down for riding new places, and this summer has been a great biking one so far, we took advantage using the last weekend in Summer to check something else off our list.


We are in Midtown by the time we get to the Greenway


Such scenery….and cyclists! plus my first Ghost bike...don't lknow who's it is..but I hope they RIP :/




We made camp around the 90’s. Mainly because it’s the part of the park me and my family use to hang out in the good ol days. I was happy to share it with my Hubby now :*


It got dark, it got chilly…we got hungry and wanted to go to the was so rad to be on our own highway to the vill we went


Stopped off at one of our fav diners for a well deserved meal


800 calories, approx 25 miles, and stuffed bellies made for a great night..but we had to call it in when it got close to Midnight Smile It was a wonderful day with a wonderful man for a wonderful reason.  HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!


Stay tuned for solo-riding and mom riding ventures in a short skirt Winking smile 


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