Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reuniting with my best friend…and meeting my godchildren!


I have always counted myself a lucky girl. For more reasons than one, I am bestowed a handful of people I consider best friends. Well the “first” of many would be my dearest Courtney. In the passed three years he; moved to Cali, had kids, got married, and made a life for them all out West! I couldn't be prouder of him, but of course, missed him so. Through the grapevine of friends and family of friends, I heard he and his little family were visiting! This passed Saturday, I joyfully head over to my old stomping ground(yet again!) with Sandra Dee between my legs :)

DSCN4887DSCN4888DSCN4890DSCN4895DSCN4896<-reusable tote of course

God mommy will never show up empty handed! I believe in showering my loves with gifts.

I get to Grand Central..and it’s pretty quiet..


I was a bit spooked I will not lie, but it was probably due to all the precautions the City was taking on the anniversary of 9-11-2001.

I was SUPER packed for this trip. I was also testing out the Detours Transit Box rear rack bag I won from a giveaway on Cycle & Style..great site for lady bikers alike! I was also given a Bell foldable pannier…lucky lucky me Winking smileReviews up soon


I get to Queens, and as always, am flooded with happiness to be back home Smile


Still SO happy to see my old streets lined with bike friendliness Smile

Made it to the ‘hood, instantly greeted and awe-stricken by me rollin in on my sweet-ass ride! Turned out they were having a Birthday BBQ…I PICKED THE PERFECT DAY TO STOP BY!


Couldn’t wait to give them their gifts! These are my god babies: Da’sani and Courtney Jr. aka CJ. I finally get to meet them..and MY GOD I fell in in love with them immediately, and am so honored to be the one entrusted with them if any unspeakable happened..along with another best friend of mine Jay:


aww! he loves his uncle/godfather :)

It was a great day that turned out to be more than expected, I mean I saw damn near ALL MY BFF’S IN ONE PLACE! That hasn’t happened since freakin High School! Here’s a few of my fav shots of this super great day:


If your my friend on Facebook, then you can check out the rest :)

I seriously wish there was a way to bottle up that entire day…it was perfection. Friends are everything to me, I have had the same friends for years and that isn’t changing a bit. I’ll see my loves again soon <3



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