Monday, September 26, 2011

One month goal: Train for the Tour while recharging my routine.


For the next month I will be blogging about fitness and health, on top of bike blogging, since I am back on my routine for the Tour De Bronx. All summer I haven’t cared what I ate, haven’t gone to the gym, didn’t take one vitamin..all in all didn’t give a crap. All I wanted to do was ride my bike to new places, hang out with hubb and pals, and just enjoy the summer. I haven’t had such a great summer since Daddy was around so trust me, I don’t really care how neglectful I was. I usually hate summer, but because of my bike(and Hubb), I actually had a great summer! SO LONG SUMMER! Autumn is here and I cannot be happier! My heart is in the cold months <3. On top of the excitement for Fall riding-I’m uber anxious for my one year wedding anniversary costume party this Halloween! I’m going frantic with ideas and such…expect a post on that!

Today I started off my conditioning training for the Tour, Hubb and I ride over to the gym(best warmup EVER!):


Ready for the gym! (that basket liner is a gift from the fab BITCHCAKES!)


We live between two highways and along a busy avenue..this does not intimidate me anymore though, CONQUERED!


locked up and ready to sweat Smile


I’m declaring this my “before” shot…Lets see how far I get in a month.

45 minutes on the treadmill…20 on the stationary bike..I could of gone for another hour!


Your eyes are working fine…I took one of my famous panda shots while on the stationary..I couldn’t help it ;p Wore my Century tour shirt I got for free at Summer Streets…I plan on doing that Tour next year!


mission complete!


Bikes, scooters and Heidi braids Smile

I didn’t get enough exercise it seems.. I ended up biking to The Kids school to pick him up. My body seems to have missed activity, I have way too much energy for my own good.

I feel compelled to mention this: I am not doing this for vanity. NOT AT ALL. Although I am pretty healthy(doctor confirmed), I am the type that always reaches for the better. I believe there’s always room to grow, always room to make better choices, and this is what this is about. I am not a self-hating plus chick and never will be, I am a self-improving chick.



Great start!


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