Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A few new blogs and bloggers I follow :)

I have been pretty active on Twitter lately. I’ve seem to got the hang of updating and harsh-tagging and all those mentions..FINALLY! I know many who are against the very idea of Twitter, and I was too at first. But today is a great reason to love it; I have been introduced to 3 new blogger gals, got a free week at Lucille Roberts gym, and won some cool-ass bag from Yoek Fashion over in the Netherlands! Regardless of what people say, Twitter is proving to be quite beneficial SmileThese blogs are not relatively bike related, but I support all kinds of things here, my well run pretty damn deep y’all!!
First up is Amy the Awesome Mom who blogs about raising special needs children and life as a Supermom, all while biking, working out at the gym, stayin on track with her Weight Watchers program, and dealing with all the bs in between! Is it no wonder people call her Supermom? ON TOP OF THAT!!..she also blogs on her weight loss and fitness!! DANG GIRL!
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Amy and her troop!
Next up is a ultra-stylish, fashion-blogging lovely plus babe named Olivia! She is a chic Aussie who blogs over at WaitUntilTheSunset. By day a Nurse, by a night a fierce “fatshionista” painting the town red in her awesome + sized wardrobe! Her message is refreshing and so is her spirit, I am very happy to have stumbled upon her blog!
Go’on with ya bad self babes ;D
Last but not least is Ms Kitty Babble. An author who is working on a totally edgy(and so up my alley) called Confessions of a Serial Masturbator. Which will be up for download on the Kindle network soon! I unfortunately have to wait for the paper back since I’m old school (wah)

Thanks for the support girls! Means a lot!
Bloggers unite!

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